About Latif Gani Foods

We Provide you Safe & Healthy Meat

Why Latif Gani

We Provide you Safe & Healthy Meat

Latif Gani Foods specializes in providing Imports and Exports solutions for good quality healthy, fresh and frozen food products like Buffalo meat (Halal), Beef (Halal), Poultry (Halal), Mutton (Halal), Fish, Fruits, Vegetables, Spices. This company is formed by experience of various established players in the industry, a snapshot of which is mentioned below.

1905: Our forefathers started Oil Transport business in the name of “ Latif Gani & Sons”. The legacy is carried forward by the eminent team of generations in a professional manner.

1987: Commenced Timber and Plywood business on a large scale in the name of “H.M. & Sons”, to import wooden logs from Burma, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Further on, expanded to import readymade furniture from China and Milan.

1998: Started supply and production of sea food products for exporting to UAE, South-East Asia and Middle East, under the banner of “Ashrafi Sea Food”.

Latif Gani Foods Story

Latif Gani Foods is a concept meat shop

2007: Started Trading Company in the name of “Al Ashrafee Exports” for all food items to Middle East, South-East Asia and African countries.

2013: We started a group of company in the name of “Latif Gani Foods” for all varieties of fresh and frozen Buffalo Meat / Beef, Fish, Mutton, Fruits, Vegetables and Spices for Export and Import to Asia, South- East Asia, Middle East and other parts of the globe. This group is supported by many prominent players around the globe, who are specialists in manufacturing and exports of fresh and frozen buffalo meat (Halal) and mutton (Halal).

Today, we are shipping numerous containers every year to different international destinations. We continuously provide the highest-level quality products and services, thereby developing good relationship with major suppliers and international brands across the globe.

2018: We have started value added products of meat and seafood products. Starting farming of goat, sheep and buffalo.